Bone Marrow Aspirate Stem Cell Injection

Concentration Of Body's Stem Cells | Healing Injuries

Mesenchymal Stem Cells can be obtained from bone marrow. This is done under local anesthetic (numbing medicine) in the office. The back portion of the iliac crest is numbed and then a special needle like instrument is guided into the bone to obtain the MSCs.

The harvest site is covered with a small bandage and the cells are then injected into the injured area requiring treatment under ultrasound guidance. The harvest site has mild soreness (similar to a bruise) for a couple of days. Results are usually seen in a couple of months.

Benefits of BMA

  • Contains a high concentration of your body’s own stem cells
  • Studies have confirmed excellent stem cell viability after harvesting
  • Promotes healing of injured tissue by inducing and amplifying the body’s natural healing mechanism
  • Studies have demonstrated improved function and pain in arthritic joints
  • May require fewer treatments than other forms of regenerative medicine